Maya Healers Book

Maya Healers Book -

“Fran Antmann’s work in Maya Healers, years in the making, is imbued with the depth and texture only great photography can achieve; where the images transcend being mere documents but reach great art. Many of the images, especially of the people in their daily lives, are transcendent and absolutely gorgeous, revealing an empathy and visual perception that is timeless.”                                                                 

                                               — Ed Kashi, international photojournalist

"Extraordinary . . . Profoundly compelling. . . . Antmann’s camera captures the pain of those who suffer but most of all she captures their strong faith, through images and words, too. By weaving simple and powerful personal histories …into the fabric of her book, Fran Antmann creates a seamless narrative, where words echo images and images echo words.”

  —Roslyn Bernstein, Arts & Culture contributor The Huffington Post

Fran Antmann

Fran Antmann is a documentary photographer, writer, and professor. Her photographic work has focused on the lives and culture of the indigenous people of Guatemala, Peru, Mexico, the Dene First Nation people of the Western Canadian Arctic and the Inuit of Baffin Island, Canada.
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